I break me leg doing Rider Kick now my fav Kamen Rider will never be the same.

Kamen Rider is a Japanese superhero franchise created by Shotaro Ishinomori. This tokusatsu series has remained popular since its debut in 1971, known for its infamous transformation phrase, "Henshin." Over time, my all-time favorite Kamen Rider series may change, but for now, this is my favorite Kamen Rider.

Kamen Rider Faiz. 

My first three Kamen Riders are not in order. I've watched these three series repeatedly. What makes Kamen Rider Faiz, also known as Kamen Rider 555, unique is how they keep their henshin device realistic. Our hero, Takumi Inui, is a peculiar man who simply wants his bag with his pants, but it turns out to be the wrong bag!

In that bag, there's a briefcase containing the Faiz Gear, one of the three missing Rider Gears that allows a human host to become Kamen Rider. Takumi Inui knows this world is not just about black and white, night and day, dead or alive, or human and Orphnoch.

Orphnoch, kaijin working for Smart Brain, aim to kill humans with the mission to create more Orphnoch, although on some rare occasions, they're called 'original' when humans naturally turn into Orphnoch upon death.

Even today, Kamen Rider Faiz's fighting choreography remains the best. Unlike most Kamen Riders with their signature poses looking random, Kamen Rider Faiz's signatures are well-mixed with the fighting choreography. Not to mention how coolly he executes the Crimson Smash.

Kamen Rider 555 also focuses on the idea that not all monsters are evil, and it introduces a plot twist where the main character himself is a monster, although this storyline is later overused.

Kamen Rider Kabuto 

 The story begins immediately after the movie version, with meteor striking the earth and introducing an alien species known as Worm, creature capable of mimicking human and hunt them.  Fortunately, a company called Zect possesses has a weapon to fight back but not strong enough when Worm start to melt and uses Clock Up. 

Zect then sends Arata Kagami to utilize their new weapon called the Rider System. However, the Zector chooses someone else as the human host to become Kamen Rider Kabuto. Thus, the story between Arata Kagami and Tendo Souji begins.

Each episode will feature a combination of the main plot, focusing on the story of Tendo Souji, and a subplot centered around another Rider's story. Nearly every Rider possesses two forms: the Masked Form, prioritizing defense, and the Rider Form, a unique form enabling the use of Clock Up—an ability that enhances movement speed.

The standout feature of Kamen Rider Kabuto is its enigmatic yet charismatic protagonist. Tendou Souji emerges as a mysterious figure, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, yet exuding a cool and confident demeanor. He effortlessly defeats anyone who dares to challenge his pursuit of his own brand of justice. Tendou is renowned for his iconic gesture of pointing his finger towards the sky, accompanied by a poignant quote passed down from his grandmother.

Kamen Rider Kiva 

A tale of father and son set in different eras when humans are not the only inhabitants of the earth. Wataru Kurenai, a shy and gentle hero, is destined to become Kamen Rider Kiva, fighting against the Fangire while also trying to solve the mystery surrounding his father, Otoya Kurenai, a playboy and troublemaker.

The story plot will focus on two different points of view. First, from the perspective of Wataru Kurenai in the present day. Although he has no problem fighting kaijin, meeting humans face to face presents a completely different challenge. The second point of view is about Otoya Kurenai in 1986, a carefree individual who enjoys playing around without any problems (though causing trouble for others). He meets the love of his life and, being simping enough, joins an organization to kill Fangire.


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